Best Of Bethany Beach

Its no secret that I’m a little bit obsessed with Bethany Beach. I mean, it can’t get any better when you are surrounded by family, dogs, great meals, tons of ice cream shops, and of course, the beach. I’ve been going to my grandparents’ house just outside of Bethany Beach for longer than I can remember (proof below), so at this point I basically own the place. Given, its about time I make a post about it!

After not going to Delaware for 18 months, I was particularly excited to go for the first time since then last month and again last week. As always, it was a blast (an understatement), and I can’t wait to show you why you should go if you’re in the area and what you might find there! Even if you’re not in the mid-Atlantic area, still stick around- just the thought of the beach is so calming!

One final thing before we get into the post- don’t expect high quality photos in the slightest😂 All these were taken on cell phones, and somehow we were in a rush to get everywhere, so also not great angles or lighting. They’ll do, though!

Places To Eat

  • Chap’s Pit Beef: although Chap’s is located in Rehoboth Beach (approx. 30 min drive from Bethany), it is 100% worth it! Pit beef is a traditional Maryland sandwich that has a bunch of thinly-sliced roast beef served with Tiger Sauce (horseradish, sour cream…) SO. GOOD. They also have locations in PA and MD, so check out their website to see if there’s one near you!
  • Sunshine Crepes: We’ve been going to Sunshine for years now, and its awesome! They have a wide variety of crepes to choose from, and both sweet and savory! I have such a hard time choosing what to order! Its open all day long and year-round, too. Here’s the website if you’re interested.
  • DB’s Fries: Getting french fries in Bethany is a must-do, without a doubt. We’ve been getting giant french fry buckets for- no surprise- as long as I can remember. We get them from DB’s and they never disappoint!

  • Winner: Morning Buns! We tried out Morning Buns for the first time this trip, and it was the highlight for sure! Since they’re so popular, we had to wake up early to get there as soon as they opened at 7. We got there a few minutes after opening, and there was already a big line. When we got our order, we took the box of goodies over to the beach and ate our breakfast there. We got a giant cinnamon roll, a raspberry danish, the biggest brownie I’ve ever seen, a chocolate chip croissant, and I got a lemon raspberry scone. It was delicious and everything deserves more than a 10/10! Here’s their website.

Things To Do

  • Walk around: There are plenty of cool spots you might find in Bethany just by walking around! Bethany Towne Center is a open but shaded(!) plaza that has shops, restaurants, and an arcade. The boardwalk is also a great place to hang around when you go to the beach. The landscaping around town is gorgeous and colorful as well! Here’s an example of a neat spot I found from walking:

  • Parks: Bethany Beach Central Park is a great place to relax or walk that normally isn’t crowded like the beach. Its also a great place to park for free if you want to go to downtown. A block up, there is a playground as well.
  • Shop: There are plenty of stores and shops in the downtown area, and there are lots of small businesses to support! I will warn you, though, most places are overpriced. If you really want to get a souvenir, Fish Tales is probably my most favored place to get one. There are also not only one, but two Candy Kitchen’s within a block or two from each other. It’s always felt nostalgic to me, (even though I’m not as much of a sugar person now) and they have a huge selection of candy and fudge to choose from.

Beach Accesses

The farther away from the boardwalk, the better, crowd-wise. Last week we used the entrance at 5th St and Atlantic Ave and it worked perfectly for us!

Ice Cream

There are plenty of ice cream shops around, but here are my favorites ranked with first being best.

  • Bonkey’s: Always a line, but it goes fast and they have plenty of flavors. They have two locations and I’ve been going to Bonkey’s for the longest!
  • Hocker’s: MASSIVE portions! They’re open year round and there’s almost never a line.
  • Kohr Bros: Always a classic, but always a line.
  • Agape Creamery: Great ice cream, but not as good as Bonkey’s or Hocker’s. However, they have mini golf too so it’s a great 2-in-1 activity!

Finally, here are some photos of the most well-known things in Bethany- the Totem Pole, the clock on the boardwalk, and of course, the beach!

That was a lot, but for me at least, it was worth it! Brings back all the memories from the early 2010s-last week 🙂 I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful or entertaining! Let me know in the comments your favorite beach to visit!

And thank you so much to Grandmom & Grandpop to making this all happen! It wouldn’t be nearly as fun without you guys❤️




  1. DOLORES BEHAN says:

    I need to widdle down my comments because I have so many. You noticed so many things I wasn’t even aware of. Your pictures are great. We forgot Sunshine Crepes but next time for sure. The chamber of commerce should give you a job, and the business you mentioned should pay you a gratuity. I can’t wait to tell my friend who owns Fish Tails that you promoted her store. She’s been too busy this summer to come to exercise class.

    You are definatly a local so feel free to complain about the tourist, crowds, and traffic.
    Finally, you are welcome and you bring joy to our lives no matter where we are.


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    1. Natalie says:

      Awww thank you! Love it❤️


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